26/02/2019 08:53:36

Summer Song written by Barry Macey Produced by Derik Timms

I wrote this song around the turn of the Century and it stayed as a guitar demo for some years. I played it to Derik and he just went with it. I turned up at his studio and sang. He wrote and produced the orchestration. Absolutely wonderful musical art from Derik. Karen my wife took some Buckinghamshire pics and we added a few vintage shots. The idea was/is for back projection as a stage set as the song would be sung by a character in my show.
Here is Barry's original demo, before Derik Timms produced it and video added by Barry.

Posted By: Barry Macey

Comment by: Mike Widdess 08/02/2019 10:45:10

Lovely song and fitting slideshow.
We are planning to do similarly with the 42 PinkSam songs, like I have done with "The California Zephyr".

Comment by: Barry Macey 09/02/2019 16:59:38

Over the coming weeks I will be listening to the Pinksam songs as I work rest and play. Looking forward it.

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