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Hi #, It's News at PinkSam.com - New CD Released

At last the Shakers Latest CD 'Not too Old to Rock 'n Roll' is released Click here to view the details
Click Here
You are receiving this email as you are friends of Howard Smith, Mike Widdess and Pete Robinson
Who we are:-
*Pete has written and sung on most of the songs on the 5 CDs which feature on the website.
*Howard plays keyboards and Clarinet on many of the tracks, and has arranged the 5 CDs.
*Mike does all the programming, video editing, content management, and admin for the website.
*Look for us on the 'Shakers' button.

Does the fact that Chrome puts 'not secure' in the browser, worry you?
All this means is that any text you enter, is transmitted unencrypted.
The only text you enter would be comments, which are anonymous.

New content since the last mailshot (click the links below, or just visit PinkSam.com):-

New Shaker Chris Dennis (guitar) on board click here

New Shaker Steg Read (guitar) on board click here

New Shaker Roger Batchelor (bass) on board click here

Animation: Mrs May sings 'Poor Unfortunate Me' from the CD 'More Music'

Cartoon Slideshow: 'Crazy-ish for you' from CD 'Just Music'

Cartoon Slideshow: 'Instructions Included' from the CD 'Just Music'

Video: 'Opposites' from the CD 'Still Alive'

Video Slideshow: 'Jim Marshall' from the CD 'Still KIckin'

Cartoon Slideshow: 'Yesterday has gone forever' from the CD 'Just Music'

Slideshow Video: 'Searching' from the CD 'More Music'

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