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Dougie Ives Guitar Shaker 1965

Duggie Ives

Duggie could play! Duggie could really play! With his Gibson 330 and his Fender Tremelux amp he did magical things. 0218DougieIves2.png
Doug was a year above me (Wid) at Royal Grammar School High Wycombe.
After he left RGS he used to meet me on my way home from school, sitting on Pete's wall in Totteridge Ave.
I started playing Bass with Doug on sessions for Lol McIntyre with various others.
Lol wrote some good songs but he never made the big time.
There has been no news of Duggie since the early seventies.
Anybody who knows anything more please get in touch by the 'Contact' button.

Here is the September 1962 issue of 'the Wycombiensian' magazine. It shows Doug getting 3 'O' levels.
Although Wid took them at the same time the Form Vx results are not included. Use Browser Back Button to get back here

Doug Playing a Strat
0319Dougy Ives Rare Pic 2.jpg
Doug Playing with 'Bud Denson & the Avengers'
03190219bud liberal club ives.png

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