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🎸Howard (fingers) Smith

Keyboard and Clarinet Shaker, and producer/arranger for the band.
Howard with son 'Stefan Thor' playing the acoustic guitar, and son-in-law Ed Stone on the solo.
p.s. Stefan is playing a Lowden guitar.

Howard signed his first recording contract with R.C.A. at 19 years old. He then qualified as a Doctor of Medicine, returning to the music business as a Shaker in the mid 1990’s. Besides playing, Howard acts as producer/arranger for the band.
Howard as a boy!
Fingers taking Her Majesty to see his new keyboard
0319Fingers and Her Majesty.jpg

Howard (fingers) and Ingadis

0319Howard (Fingers) and Ingadis.jpg

Howard and Pete

0319Howard and Pete.jpg

Howard at work

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