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Wid the BassShaker 1965-1966

Mike Widdess aka "Wid" (Shaker from 1965 to 1966)
Played Bass + guitar on a demo.

My gear at the time was a Fender Precision Bass and Fender Bassman Amp.
These are stock photos as none of us had a camera at the time.
I acquired the Bass and Amp from Tony (Mont) Merrell who moved on to Elgen amps and more.
In 1969 I sold the bass to Nigel (Tigger) Harrison just before he joined Blondie.
I blew the speaker in the Bassman, and could not afford to fix it, it probably went back to Mont.
I borrowed a VHS Camera and made these takes in 1984. Weird!!
I don't know if this tune is out of my head, or just an earworm! But I do like it.

I don't usually sing, and now you know why.

1962 Pic with Burns Bass
The Burns Bass is now going for £755 on ebay!

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Big Hair small nose. Its the other way round now.

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