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🎸Pink Sam in London💗

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Billy Figgis, the guitarist with 70's show band, 'The Wind of Change' and the writer of 'Pink Sam and the Shakers' upcoming Christmas release, 'Home for Christmas' unearthed this photo of Pink Sam and some of the Shakers, from back in the day!

🔥'The R&B Coasters'

Howards Masterpiece 'Sinner Man'

Animation: Mrs May sings 'Poor Unfortunate Me' from the CD 'More Music'

Cartoon Slideshow: 'Crazy-ish for you' from CD 'Just Music'

Cartoon Slideshow: 'Instructions Included' from the CD 'Just Music'

Video: 'Opposites' from the CD 'Still Alive'

Video Slideshow: 'Jim Marshall' from the CD 'Still KIckin'

Cartoon Slideshow: 'Yesterday has gone forever' from the CD 'Just Music'

Slideshow Video: 'Searching' from the CD 'More Music'

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