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Lots of new content on PinkSam.com (links at the bottom)

  • Barry Macey has been helping with the 'Bands' tab, and testing.
  • The search feature is much improved.
  • We are making the songs more striking by creating videos and slideshows to present them.
  • If you have connections to High Wycombe 'Ode to Lost Antelopes' will be interesting.
  • 'Ordinary Me' sung by a Donald Trump animation could get us killed.
  • Contact us is you have any news of Shakers Chris Smith & Dougie Ives.

Click the links below to view the latest videos

Cartoon Slideshow: 'Never Ending Journey' from Pink Sam CD 'Still Alive'

Photo Slideshow: 'The Bass Player' from the 'Still Alive' CD, with storyline photos

Photo Slideshow: 'Pure Gold' from the 'Still Alive' CD, with storyline photos

Photo Slideshow: 'If You Wannabe Cool' from the 'Just Music' CD, with Shakers photos

Animation: Pete Robinson Sings 'Man I Know'

Photo Slideshow: 'Ode to Lost Antelopes' from the 'More Music' CD with 'Lost Pubs' photos

Animation: Donald Trump sings 'Ordinary Me' from 'Just Music' CD

Cartoon Slideshow: 'Difficult' from 'Just Music' CD

Cartoon Slideshow: 'Easy Money' from the 'Just Music' CD

Also more detail on The Beatfinders on the Bands Button

A new Photo and Youtube Links to their 2 Singles

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