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๐Ÿ”” Old Wycombe Photos

Lost of photos here : 'Visit Sharing Wycombe Old Photos'

Link to 'Ode to Lost Antelopes' slideshow

The Antelope 1968
It faces a new threat of closing. The outside music license has been withdrawn.
Genial landlord of the Antelope, Ray Gibbs. As Roger (Sandy) used to ask - A pint of your very best Berry Brown ale goodly landlord please! 03190219ray gibbs.jpeg
Wycombe Cafe with On the Buses theme. Should have been called - I ate U ButlerA long gone cafe. Glad I took the pic. Needs song written about it. 0219butler cafe.jpg

Posted By: Barry Macey

Comment by: barry macey 26/02/2019 15:56:38

Yes Mac cafe would be good

Comment by: Ray Priem 11/08/2019 21:49:04

Great to see that pic of dear Ray Gibb..I expect heโ€™s serving in the great Antelope in the sky

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