Pink Sam and the Shakers
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‘Pink Sam’ is an inspiration. Always was. Always will be.

‘Pink Sam and the Shakers’ is a band born in 1965, in High Wycombe, Bucks. Based on the premise that ‘All music is good music’. ‘Pink Sam’ was first mentioned by the  ‘Melody Maker’ in the early sixties.
His name was used in a satirical way, the article commenting on the influx of lesser known blues artists from the U.S.A. touring the U.K. and Europe.
But ‘Pink Sam’ is now much more than that, crossing the music genre’s from Mozart to Meatloaf, Basie to the Beatles, and Donegan to Dylan to Drake.
He speaks, in every country, county, city town and village, for everyone who likes to play.
He has been helped over the years, by many extremely talented ‘Shakers’
playing their part to further the legend that is ‘Pink Sam’.
n.b. We would be grateful if any old , or current, photo’s, records or sightings were forwarded to this website.
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